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Java Runtime for Recorders and Data Loggers

This information regards downloading Java Runtime for use with the SMARTDAC+ GX10/GX20/GP10/GP20/GM10 and the DAQMASTER MW100.

Java Runtime is not required for SMARTDAC+ GX/GP/GM R4.06 or later.


Referring to the table, go to the download page for the appropriate version of Java Runtime. (Log-in Required)

Java Runtime version Model
Firmware Version
MW100 GX10/GX20/GP10/GP20/GM10 GM10 GX10/GX20/GP10/GP20/GM10
R3.10 R2.02.xx R2.03.xx R3.01.xx/R3.02.xx/R4.01.xx/R4.02.xx
R4.03.xx/R4.04.xx/R4.05.xx (only GM)
Java 8
Update 201
Java 8
Update 191
Java 8
Update 181
Java 8
Update 171
Java 8
Update 161
Java 8
Update 151
Java 8
Update 121
Java 8
Update 111
Java 8
Update 74
Java 8
Update 51
Java 8 for MW
Update 31
Java 7 for MW
Update 75

√√:Operation guaranteed
√  :Validated operation of main functions
― :Operation not guaranteed

Applicable Model

GX10, GX20, GP10, GP20, GM10, MW100


  • The version of Java Runtime available on this web page is different from the latest one available from Oracle. To download it, an ID and password are required.
  • If not registered, register at the following URL to obtain your ID and password.
  • Note, only use these versions of Java Runtime when connecting to Yokogawa recorders and data loggers.


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