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Validation Document for SMARTDAC+

SMARTDAC+ GX/GP/GM series products and standard software validation documents. You can create validation documents by entering data according to the procedure.

Indicate your acceptance of the terms of the software agreement before downloading the software. Downloading of the software indicates acceptance of the Software agreement.


Applicable Model

GX10, GX20, GP10, GP20, GM10 (with an option of /AS Advanced security function)


License required to use this document. For purchasing information, please contact your nearest YOKOGAWA dealer or representative.

Installation procedure

  1. Download files from the above download items.
  2. Decompress the compressed file, and then run Install.exe following the on-screen instructions (requires entering your purchased license number).
  3. When installation is finished, click Start > All programs > SMARTDAC+ Validation Document.


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